1. Being a tech-forward company, Home Credit Vietnam has embarked on the Digital Transformation journey for a while. Along the way, we understand that Data Analysis is an integral component of making strategies as it helps us predict customer trends and behaviors, increase business productivity, and make evidence-backed decisions.

    Therefore, data is central to everything we do at Home Credit. Every talent in our Data Teams takes pride in using data analysis skills with a deep understanding of Home Credit's business to make data-driven decisions to energize critical business processes and systems. 

    Sharpen your future in Big Data Era at Home Credit now!

    What awaits you when working as Data Analyst at Home Credit? 

    1. Expertise:

    • Exclusive access to our large-scale database: With a large customer base and being one of the biggest players in the game, we offer you massive experience on Big Data in many aspects of a multinational consumer finance corporate (Sales, CRM, Products, Risk Management, Marketing, etc.). Home Credit is your ideal playground & foundation to uplift your career.
    • Being a crucial player contributing to our business: With our Data-driven culture, you’ll work with the key person of the organization to streamline decision-making layers from top to bottom and get involved in every business activity from simple to complex level.
    • Diversified analytics tools: Cloud database (Azure), Hadoop for big data, SAS, PowerBI, Oracle
    • Intensive learning opportunities: Besides fruitful sharing from top leaders in training courses/workshops, we satisfy your thirst for knowledge with Udemy, the world's largest online learning platform.

    2. Career Advancement:

    • Open doors for career advancement: We offer a bright and flexible Data Analysis career path for you to pursue based on your development goals, whether leadership skills growth for a Leadership role or technical expertise advancement for a Data Expert position. Internal rotation is ready for those who want to explore more abt Data Analysis in different functions. The choice is yours!
    • Many opportunities for you to seize: Get exposure to working with international leading experts across the world our subsidiaries. And many more amazing internal activities to make you feel good at Home Credit! Grab your chance now to accompany us in transforming the way the world shops!

    3. Benefit package:

    • Professional, Transparent, and International Working Environment.
    • Competitive salary and benefits package: We provide a rewarding remuneration package as an appreciation of your contribution and as a motivation to encourage you to go beyond the job. 

    And many more amazing internal activities to make you feel good at Home Credit! Grab your chance now to accompany us in transforming the way the world shops!

    Start exploring a career as a Data Analyst at Home Credit with the following positions:

    1. Growth Marketing Business Intelligence Supervisor
    2. Data Scientist - AntiFraud
    3. Data Scientist - Underwriting
    4. Senior Cards Sales Boost Business Analyst
    5. Senior Cards Usage Boost Business Analyst
    6. Senior Business Analyst - Credit Cards
    7. Senior Commercial Finance Analyst
    8. CRM Business Analyst
    9. Marketing Senior Data Analyst
    10. Online Insight Analyst
    11. Data Analyst